Thursday, February 19, 2009

Melbourne - art is everywhere

Art is all over the place in Melbourne - you just keep walking into it , over it and under it!

This city is having a full on affair with art - it's everywhere!

It's in the buildings, on the street corner and walking the streets!

Yes the guy qualifies! What a statement!

How about this web of metal and iron lacework - sklylight roof in an arcade.

And this beautiful

leadlight feature in another arcade - does anyone know who the artist was?

This sort of thing is hidden all round Melbourne.

How about the mural! This particular building was 'full of fit' artwise, an Art Deco treasure trove!

Don't neglect to look under foot either - this intricate mosaic is the centrepiece of Block Arcade.

Buildings in Melbourne bear a

degree of decoration I've not found in other Australian cities.

The doors, the walls, the windows - inside and out - art wherever it could tastefully feature.

This door, one of a pair at St Paul's, is, to me at any rate, reminiscent of the decorative art of William Morris.

What sort of statement do you think the artist was making who put Tom to oversee the much in need of restoration Edinburgh Building?

Then there is the 'purpose' placed art. This is a touch spooky!

Buildings, especially bank and finance related buildings had 'guardians' placed over them - hidden amongst the decorative gothic Victorian/Edwardian architectural features but very much a 'presence'.

The Guardians of the ANZ! There are at least 7 levels of Guardians built in to the facade.

The Safety Deposit Building has at least three levels of Guardians.

Modern finance related edifices do not differ. Melbourne's Crowning glory, the ultimate tribute to the Packers, is the Crown Casino, watched over by Kerry himself.

You can't say the man didn't have a sense of humour and a respect for tradition!

The portrait urn at the entrance of the Crown Casino.

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