Sunday, October 23, 2011


Dear Kurilpa Poets, Friends, and Word Artists
Haiku workshop alert!! Brisbane poet, Ross Clark, a leading exponent of the haiku form, will present a free writing workshop on Sunday October 30.
He will also bring his expertise as a QUT lecturer into play when he assists budding haikuists (haikuistas?) to craft their own versions of this ancient form of verse.

Arrival time at the venue - the Croquet Club of South Brisbane at 91 Cordelia Street, West End - is 1:45 pm for a 2pm start.

There will also be two open mic sessions which will include the opportunity to present haikus written in the workshop session.

Ross (karasu) began writing haiku in 1988, and by 1990 had helped to found Australia's only dedicated haiku (& cognate forms) journal -- the quarterly paper wasp, and had undertaken a sponsored tour of Japan.

He is the author of two chapbooks of haiku, has appeared in a number of national and international anthologies (occasionally in translation), and has three haiku set into the BCC's Kedron Brook walking & cycle path.
If you haven't been for a while, why not come along… also let your network of poets and writers, friends and family know about the Kurilpa Poets.
So you know people who don’t even write poetry but might be interested?  How about inviting them to enter the poets’ world? Tell them it’s a chance to broaden their horizons, to see through the eyes of others.  Interesting discussions and sharing of ideas in a positive environment are always a part of such gatherings. Tell them maybe they just might get the poetry bug and start writing their own work.
Open Mic - Starts at 2pm - All welcome
Arrive 1.45pm for a seat, coffee and tea, and network with your fellow writers and performers
2 x 15 min networking breaks for coffee, tea and cake
Workshop with Ross Clark
further Open Mic til 4.30pm.
For those with their own creative projects, don’t forget Kurilpa Poets now has its own Video Camera, digital camera, data projector, screen, laptop and printer and binder available for members to use. 
Celebrating Children's Week

Sunday 30th October, 2011 - Something for the young ones, family, and friends - a great way to start your Sundary morning.
10:30 - 12:30

Bring your children and your grandchildren to the Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens for a wonderful morning of storytelling.
I'm sure there will be lots of wonderful entertainments other than me. But I sure would love to see you there. Please feel free to spread email this far and wide. I love a big, big audience.  Contact Marilyn Roberts - []
Call Amanda on 0423 772 407 or email us at if you wish to use these items.  You must be a paid member of the club to access the items.  Please Note: All items must be returned in a timely manner, and in the condition in which they were picked up for use.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Authors Compare: Jennifer Poulter - Author Interview: Children's Au...

Authors Compare: Jennifer Poulter - Author Interview: Children's Au...: What kinds of fiction did you read as a child, and did you have some favourites? I read fiction and poetry as a child, read and read and r...

About Authors Compare

There is a broad range of authors onboard, from award-winning New York Times bestselling authors from countries like the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia to interesting authors from small publishers around the world.

Sets of questions will be answered by 100 authors around the world so people can compare responses, do statistical analyses with easy-to-calculate percentages, develop ideas about the craft of writing, learn more about their favourite authors, discover the work of new authors in an interesting way, or get facts and figures for journalism and academic papers with easily verifiable source data if people want to look deeper into another person's analysis or statistics. [Steve Rossiter on Authors Compare]

Monday, October 3, 2011

Authors Compare: JR McRae - Author Interview: Poet

Authors Compare: JR McRae - Author Interview: Poet: What kinds of poetry, including songs, did you experience as a child and teenager, and did you have some favourites? As a child, the rhyth...

Monday, June 13, 2011

Stories for Sendai: Meet the Authors: J. R. McRae

Stories for Sendai: Meet the Authors: J. R. McRae: "Today's featured author is... J.R. McRae Brief Bio: J.R. McRae has been published in anthologies, journals, magazines and newspapers..."

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I-Publishing - my first venture

My first venture into the world of i-publishing resulted in the publication of "At the Beach with Bucket and Spade" on the Apple iTunes App Store via i-publisher The illustrations were done by Sarah E. Bash Gleason in a naive style in keeping with the theme, a family outing to the beach on summer vacation. The rhyming story is narrated by the children themselves.

holidays from Manly to Maroubra, from Palm Springs to to Waikiki mean family fun in the sun! Part of the fun is looking for that special treasure to take back to class for Show and Tell! The children in this narrative poem, celebrate all that is best in a beach holiday outing. They play, they build, they share, they learn life's little lessons together and they find that something really special that happy memories are made of!

The illustrations have been tailored by Sarah E. Bash to fit the theme using the naive style of a child's holiday memories painted in class.

Reviews: [below]

see on Apple iTunes App Shop

Other Reviews

Well done

iPhonePapa Version: 1.0

Great playful book that really captures the spirit of young children.

Great story and artwork!

by Daddy_21

This story is great for children! The chalk-style artwork is very unique and very creative. My daughter especially likes this book.

“At The Beach With Bucket and Spade” by J.R. Poulter, Illustrated by Sarah E. Bash

Reviewed by Maya Lee

A peaceful, gentle book filled with all the warmth of childhood days at the beach. The book expresses the process of learning to prepare for the strong rays of the sun by putting on a sunhat as well as sun block. The illustrations are soft and dreamy, a use of color and gentle lines that feel like a cool dip in the ocean on a hot sunny day. Text that sweetly rhymes, yet at times breaks from rhyme in a barely noticeable way, keeping a beat of it’s own that is as natural feeling as a heartbeat.

At times the writing runs separately beside the illustrations; in white space, while other times over the illustrations, and at times the text is placed in a way that speaks of the pictures it runs across. The deviation away from a set pattern of organizing text and illustrations, or consistently rhyming or not rhyming, is part of the magic that reaches out. There is a natural talent at play here that creates poetry of its own kind.

Perhaps reflective of a mother and daughter creative compatibility that resulted in the making of this book, by JR Poulter, Author, and Sarah E. Bash, Illustrator. Poulter and Bash are both mothers with children who are able to share loving family moments captured in these wonderful illustrations and beautifully woven words. The message, if any were to be derived, beyond reading about a family day out, so simply and warmly conveyed, could be the joy of building spectacularly in life, enjoying various pleasures, accepting impermanence, inevitable loss, and giving focus to what there is to be grateful for in each moment. And to tell you anymore would give the story away. Read and enjoy this lovely book with your children!

This book is offered digitally through iTunes and