Sunday, January 25, 2009

5 Days in another CIty - Melbourne in a blink!

Journal of a sojourn in the southern capital from afternoon, 14th, to morning of 19th January.
Virgin Blue ushered us in to a Melbourne welcome such us as only Melbourne can turn on - 37 degree heat with a cold wind! The next day was typically 21.
Did I pack for all seasons - sort of - short sleeved T-shirts and a Jacket.
We stayed in Melbourne's newest hotel - Causeway 353 Little Collins Street - opened in October 08. Breakfast waadt ist.xml">
[Pic 1 - Causeway Hotel, 353 Little Collins Street, Melbourne's newest - afternoon; Pic 2 - evening! ]

When we arrived the access alley way was a hive of activity. Cafes and diners were opened - about 8 in that alley way. Shops and specialist food outlets were abuzz. People wandered up and down continuously.

By evening it was a different story - deserted! This was typical of most of the lane and alleyways in the City. I have to say, not knowing Melbourne, it made finding a place for tea interesting, especially if tired and not wanting to walk for yonks! By the time we left we knew every eatery open post 6.00pm!

'Interesting' stuff is around every corner! Loved the arcades! Below are some views of the Royal Arcade - Popular name "Gog & Magog" after the 2 charmers who bong the chimes every 15 minutes and once for each hour on the hour. You can hear it streets away. [Pics 3, 4, 5]

The specialty shops were myriad - you name it! A shop specializing in dark dark chocolate [yum] sat strategically under the guardianship of Blind Father Time. No one watching - INDULGE! [Pic 6 - Father Time guards the entry to Koko Black Chocolateria - time spent there is measured in kilos!] [Pic 7 Sweet Makers showing us what is in our just desserts!] Temptation lurked around every corner - the solution - walk, walk, walk it off!

Pic 8 - A whole shop full of Babushka Dolls!]

Everything was colourful and quirky.

Among the eye-catchers were the bags and the beads! [Pcs 9, 10, 11 Beads and bangles, Baubles and bling,

Every fine and feathered thing! ]

The bags were no less imaginative and colourful
- especially the clubbing / evening bags .

These sparkled with all the colours of the rainbows or were just outright BLING! Of course there were matching shoes. Partners' patience was just about given out, so we didn't get to shoes this trip.......

[Pics 12 - 18 - evening/clubbing bags to die for]

"Paris" on the corner of Little Collins Street and the Causeway 353 access alley was and "everything for the It girl" shop! [Pic 19]

The staff there were deserving of some sort of customer service award!

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