Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wacky Wordage - Number 2 - Nonsense verse inspired by Mattias Adolfsson's 'Doodles'

[Illustration from 'Doodles' by Mattias Adolfsson]

Oh, Come a Bummer Do! © J.R.Poulter

Sifting salted peanuts

In between their teeth,

It’s the ooby gooby men

Who’ve come to cause us grief!

Ickle them, tickle them,

Pickle and prickle them!

Bum tiddlee um tum, bum bum BOOOO!

Run, run quickly

The traffic jam’s ickly stickly!

The oobie goos spread it too thickly

And now we’re all slushing in ooh!

Bum tiddlee um tiddlee,

What are we to do?

Alas, the iggle piggle

Nottle wattling where he wiggled

Came a proper cropper,

Went a whopper head o’ topper

In the ooby gooby gooo.

Bum diddlee um, ummm, Oh BUM!


When he went bumpty, dumpty,

Piggle thumped um up complumply!

He squashed the ooby goobies,

Squished them into blobs of doobies...


Diddlee um, diddlee bum, BOO HOOO!

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