Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wacky Wordage - Number 1- humorous verse inspired by Mattias Adolfsson's "Let's Form a Queue"

['Let's form a queue', illustration by Mattias Adolfsson]

The Queuing by J.R.Poulter

What shall we do?

Let’s form a queue!

You cannot form a queue right here

Because it’s not to anywhere!

What’s it matter what it’s for?

It’s better than standing round being bored!

Me to the front.

No that won’t do!

You behind me.

What, can’t you see?

Well goodness me gracious

You’re NOT efficacious!

NO need to swear,

The piggle will hear!

Oh dear……

The piggle has peedled himself with fear….

Now, where’d they all go?

How should I know!?

Nothing’s doing,

No one’s queuing,

Just piggle on his own boohooing,

“I weedely wodely wunt be awone!” *

Go home!

[*Loosely translated piggleese – “I really and truly am awf’lly alone and I don’t want to be!”]

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J.R.Poulter/J.R.McRae said...

Mattias has an utterly wild and wonderous blog [http://mattiasa.blogspot.com/2008/07/stekare.html] on which this funny sketch features. It was too good to pass up - I HAD to write the story in the picture - sort of uncontainable verbalaging! The result was the humorous poem appendaged on to Mattias’ artwork [Yes, Mattias did have first peak - just in case it freaked him out of his creative space. ]